ETHRA strives to be the benchmark in strategic professional development.
This is accomplished by leveraging networking, educational opportunities,
and diversity. ETHRA is committed to supporting its members
and the communities it serves.

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Mission Statement

  1. Facilitate growth & advancement of professional skills through diversity, training, and advocacy.
  2. Build and sustain partnerships between members & community leaders to add value to organizations.
  3. Provide educational tools to enhance expertise in the area of organizational development and leadership.
    • E - Educate
    • N - Network
    • D - Diversity

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**Meet Our Members**

Happy New Year ETHRA! We say goodbye to 2021 and look towards more growth and engagement with our members in 2022! Our mission is to facilitate growth & advancement of professional skills through diversity, training, and advocacy.

Please join us this month as we continue to celebrate our members with a spotlight on Cindy Patterson. Cindy has been a member of ETHRA since 1997. Cindy’s favorite hobby is cooking and entertaining with her husband. If Cindy had a superpower, she would love to be like Samantha Stephens on the show Be-Witch! Cindy would want the Super Power of “Twinkling her Nose and Blinking her Eyes as she nods her Head" every time she sees anyone being Rude, Dis-Respectful, Mean or Inconsiderate to another person!   Cindy’s hope would be that people would be more kind to others and that everyone would be happier people!

ETHRA is very proud to have Cindy as a member serving on the board bringing much experience, talent and commitment to the HR profession.

Thank you Cindy for all you do!

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